- Dresses inspired by retro style

         Over the past century, fashion has changed every ten years. It is not surprising that a retro-style dress is reflected in our time in the form of original and stylish modern images. For many designers, retro fashion is a source of inspiration. They create truly unique and amazing models that are relevant at the moment. The girl who chooses a retro-style dress is bold and original. She moves in the rhythm of the era, but does not forget about the trends of the past years. If you like the style of dresses worn by our grandmothers and mothers, then you will surely like the online store Zapaka, in which magnificent retro-styled dresses are presented in great numbers. All of them are very elegant and girly.

Summer is the time for flying dresses, tanned legs and long walks. To add a little romance to your wardrobe, you should bet on polka dot and lace patterns. Polka dot fabric, starting from the last years of the XVIII century, does not leave the fashion catwalks of the world. And in the twentieth century, thanks to Yves Saint Laurent, this drawing became an attribute of fashion trends. And today, a polka-dot dress is a constant favorite among its other competitors. You can wear it for a fashion party, for a date, for an office, or even for a summer walk. The main thing is to determine the style and size of the peas. After all, an incorrectly selected drawing can spoil the entire image. So now retro polka dot dresses are a trend from the past with a new twist.

The retro image is designed to emphasize the feminine to the maximum. In this regard, to make the image as feminine as possible, designers use lace. Light, feminine lace dresses fall in love with all fashionistas and have not lost their relevance today. Such dresses can be of any length - mini or ankle-length, but, most importantly, they emphasize all your beautiful contours of the figure and give your image a romantic touch. 

Bright, self-contained dresses from the past once again win the hearts of fans. Retro style confidently enters into everyday wardrobes, so do not be afraid to experiment, choosing an image for yourself.

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  1. Such cute polka dot dresses. The first dress is so fascinating :)

  2. Какие классные платья в ретро-стиле!

  3. Thanks a lot :D

    nice choices :)

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  4. These are lovely retro and vintage style dresses.
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I love this retro style, very chic and high fashion.

  6. Классный интернет-магазин, вчера рассматривала его ассортимент ))

  7. классные платья, хороший ассортимент у магазина

  8. amazing post dear :) i like your blog
    kisses, Buba

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